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PM ATC New Equipment Training (NET) Team

ACCESS TEAM CENTECH (Huntsville, AL, May 18, 2018) In support of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) Product Management Office, Quantum Research has been tasked to achieve and maintain compliance with civil, military, domestic and international air traffic control as well as combat identification requirements and mandates. We remain ready to meet all future aviation operational requirements.

Team Quantum supports the four primary Army ATC facilities and mission areas: Tower; Ground Controlled Approach and Surveillance Radar; Flight Following and Airspace Management; and Expeditionary Terminal Control. Our efforts provide Tactical (Expeditionary) and Fixed-Base ATC systems that enable safe operations of Army, Joint, and Civil Aircraft.

Our team has conducted more than 1200 training support events held at more than 75 CONUS/OCONUS locations supporting Operator, Maintainer, Systems Administration, and Instructor and Key Personnel Training.

Our training activities are conducted by performing task analysis, developing Training Support Packages (TSP) to include Programs of Instruction (POI), Lesson Plans, Student Handouts, and Graphic Aids in the Training Development Capability (TDC) database tool.

Recently, we provided New Equipment Training (NET) training to a National Guard unit on the AN/MSQ-135A Mobile Tower System (MOTS). During two separate classes, training was provided for eight operators, two maintainers, and one U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) Logistics Assistance Representative (LAR). Training consisted of a MOTS overview presentation, familiarization walk around the equipment, and hands on practical exercises which included:

  • Identify MOTS Major Components
  • Identify Generator Controls
  • Install the ATC Group
  • Emplace the ATC Generator
  • Emplace ATC Tower
  • Grounding the system
  • DC Power up
  • AC Power up
  • MMS (Weather instrumentation) installation
  • Erect the CTM15J Antenna Masts
  • Radio power up and configuration
  • CAU operation
  • Communications checks
  • Maintainer and Operator Troubleshooting
  • Power down
  • Prep equipment for movement

About Quantum
Quantum, headquartered in Huntsville, AL, is a leader in providing engineering, analysis, integration and cybersecurity and information technology services and solutions to the Departments of Defense, Justice, Homeland Security, and industry customers. More information about the company is available at www.quantum-intl.com.