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Increasing Threat

  • Over 4 Billion records have been stolen or lost
  • Cost to an average company after a data breach is close to $4 million
  • 142M new Malware types in 2017
  • Global Cost of Cyber Crime: Over $6 Trillion

Who is at Risk

  • Those who have been hacked and know it
  • Those who have been hacked and don’t know it
  • Those who are about to be hacked


  • Impact on Brand and associated Lawsuits due to Negligence, and Fines
  • Breaches Discovered by Third Parties: 53%
  • Average Breach to Discovery: 320 Days
  • Average Discovery to Cleanup: 56 Days
  • Average Cost to a Small or Medium Size Business: $182k

Specific Types of Threats

  • Ransomware - a form of malware that targets critical data and systems with the purpose of extortion.
    • Since 2016 more than 4,000 ransomware attacks have taken place daily.
    • In 2017 the number of Ransomware attacks rose 36% with the number of Ransomware variants having risen by 46%.
    • Ransomware attacks on Healthcare Organizations are estimated to quadruple by 2020. More information available in Healthcare Records (e.g. Full Name, Birth date, Social Security Number, Address, Phone Number, E-Mail, credit Card Numbers, and Emergency Contacts).
  • Malware - malicious software, is used to gain aces or cause damage to a computer or a network.
    • The number of Malware variants has risen by 88% since last year
    • 1 in 131 emails contains malware. The highest rate in 5 years
    • Trojans are estimated to be the main source of Malware - 51.45% of all Malware
    • Over 75% of the Healthcare Industry has been infected with malware in 2017
  • Phishing - Phishing attacks are techniques used to trick users into revealing sensitive information or installing malware. There are three main categories of phishing: Mass-scale Phishing, Spear Phishing, and Whaling. Phishing attacks can either come in the form of Email Phishing, Vishing or Voice Phishing, Smishing or Text Messaging attacks, and Social Media Phishing.
    • 62% of companies experience will experience a Phishing Attack
    • 180-220 million phishing emails sent per month
    • More than 75% of Phishing emails contain malicious Web Addresses (URLs)
    • Email Phishing campaigns use several techniques to fool victims. The two (2) most common are:
      1. Sender Name and Domain will spoof known brands
      2. Messages will be highly personalized using victim's name as well as names of friends or coworkers
    • IRS reports since 2013 over 5,000 victims have collectively paid in excess of $26.5 million due to IRS type phishing campaigns
  • Data Breach - A data breach involves the unauthorized or illegal access, retrieval or viewing of information, application or service. A data breach could result in the loss of data, financial information, health information or personal information. The stolen data can even be used to gain aces to more secure locations.
    • 81% of victims do not have system in place to detect a breach
    • In 2016, 95% of breached records came from three industries: Government, Retail, Technology