Vulnerability Assessment

Identifies network risks to critical and sensitive data across all major enterprise operating systems, applications, and IT architectures. Industry leading assessment tools combined with proven techniques gather an accurate picture of the customer’s security posture. Reporting provides detailed recommended corrective actions to eliminate or mitigate risks found during the assessment.


  • CyberDx maintains a staff of Cyber Security analysts to perform an assessment of your internal operations from within your office space.
  • Work face to face with your personnel as vulnerabilities are detected.
  • Determine if physical security practices contribute or detract from the overall security posture.
  • The physical presence of analysts demonstrates to employees the organization is committed to security.


  • As a way to reduce costs to our customers, we can utilize remote internal assessment capabilities. Benefits include:
  • Reduced time for service delivery and network evaluation
  • Reduction or elimination of service related travel costs
  • Security Agility