In an interconnected age where so much data is available, businesses are increasingly being targeted and compromised by cybercriminals. According to government findings, over 60% of large and small firms reported a breach in 2018. As technology advances and becomes more accessible to companies, threat levels have only increased. The cyber risk landscape is changing at an alarming pace. We offer several Cybersecurity solutions focused on helping our customers take a proactive step in reducing the impact from the threat.

Quantum Phishing Assessment Tool

Internally developed platform used to stage and execute custom tailored phishing assessments. We provide Interactive awareness training immediately to users when they fall victim to phishing, and then for all users at the end of the engagement to reinforce phishing email detection techniques. Customers have access to real time metrics through the reporting portal allowing them to track organizational progress.

Quantum VA Remediation Tool

A custom built tool leveraged by Quantum Analysts to allow the real-world prioritization of vulnerability data by combining: estimated impact if exploited; level of effort to remediate the problem; and the availability of exploit code. We normalize all processed QVART data into a database which we provide to the customer. The database identifies to critical potential problem areas and solutions to mitigate detected vulnerabilities.

Quantum Remote Assessment Architecture

A small form factor computing device used by Quantum analysts to execute network vulnerability assessments remotely. Remote execution of internal assessments drastically reduces the cost of a cyber-assessment The QRA2 uses completely encrypted communications for command and control, while all generated scan and other assessment traffic remains local within the customer’s network.

Quantum Physical Dropbox

A self-contained small form factor computer used for physical cyber-assessments. Allows analysts to simulate an attack from an unauthorized device connected to the customer’s physical or wireless network. Can also be used to reinforce employee diligence in detecting suspicious people and/or rogue devices within controlled areas.