Every organization that uses Information Technology to execute their goals and objectives is at risk of a cyber-attack, and today’s cyber world is filled with threats from hackers, cyber criminals, and even nation states. Do you know your IT weaknesses and vulnerabilities? Do you know the threat posed to your critical data, brand, operations, and financial viability?

"Know the enemy and know yourself." - Sun Tzu

Cyber defenders have to be successful every time, but cyber attackers only have to be successful once!

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Data Manipulation
Attackers routinely target sensitive company and customer data once they gain access to a network. In order to exfiltrate the targeted data, attackers may create large compressed files, move files to a central location, or encrypt files to hold for ransom. User and administrators should pay attention to high disk usage, major file changes, unrecognized files, or unusual file extensions.
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Slow Network Connections
Malware outbreaks and cyber-attacks frequently result in network traffic spikes produced by data being exfiltrated. This activity can cause legitimate connections to slow down. Be especially suspicious of network spikes outside normal business hours. Severe network slowdown should be investigated to identify if the root cause is a malfunction or a cyber-attack.
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Account Issues
To achieve or maintain access to your network, attackers will attempt to create accounts or guess passwords for legitimate users. Account attacks may result in users experiencing unexplained account lockouts or being notified of password changes. Security personnel should pay careful attention to increases in account issues as well as new accounts that cannot be easily identified.

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