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Vulnerability Assessments

Placeholder imageEvery business, agency, or organization, uses information technology (IT) to meet their goals and objectives. Today’s IT world is filled with threats from hackers, cyber criminals, and even nation states. Ensuring the security of your network and protecting critical data is a challenging process. Also, complying with Privacy, Security, and Industry Rules and Regulations is challenging for companies of all sizes. Furthermore, and the unplanned expenses of a security breach and data loss reporting can be catastrophic to your business. Conducting continuous vulnerability assessments allows you to know your IT network vulnerabilities, including the added risk from working in the Cloud and take action to stay ahead of the evolving cyber threat and reduce your risk.

Based on CyberDx’s up-to-date knowledge of current and emerging threats, and our ability to identify network risks to critical and sensitive data across all major enterprise operating systems, applications, and IT architectures, you have a fighting chance in today’s complex cyber environment. Our techniques combine vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, manual service interrogation, network traffic examination, and threat analysis to give you knowledge—and knowledge is power in the cyber threat filled world.

Phishing & Cyber Security Training

Placeholder imagePhishing social engineering techniques continue to be an effective method for cybercriminals to gain access to your networks and data. Malicious actors know your employees are the weakest point in your security architecture and aggressively exploit it. Recent data shows phishing is still one of top the attack vectors, and is a key component of many breaches and Ransomware attacks. Unfortunately when a company’s network is breached it takes an average company 300+ days to identify the penetration, and that is a long time for an attacker to have access to your network!

Performing a Phishing awareness assessment helps your users learn to identify fraudulent messages which can lead to illegal access to your networks. Exposing employees to the most common hacker tricks, testing their ability to avoid mistakes, and training them in real-time when they fall for the bait dramatically increases their awareness and reduces your risk.