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Hackers looking for a quick buck will go for the low-hanging fruit – if that can be achieved by locking down an organization with ransomware, breaching your network to steal credit card information, or sensitive data, that's what they'll do.

We have the proven processes and state of the art tools, as well as certified and experienced personnel to help you prevent attacks, minimize exposure, and quickly recover. We use the latest technology and emphasize efficiency to achieve better outcomes. We’re transforming the way high-quality Cybersecurity services are organized and delivered.

Who We Are

For over 21 years we have helped defend the largest, global, and most sensitive networks in the world and a growing number of commercial entities across a variety of industries. We field a team of certified and highly experiences cybersecurity professionals who use proven methodologies and sophisticated technologies to provide high quality cybersecurity support.

We provide a suite of security assessment services designed to help our customers understand their IT vulnerabilities and the risk mitigation steps to manage them. We have experience across all major enterprise operating systems, applications, and IT architectures. All technical team members served with U.S. Army Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and have current U.S. Government security clearances.

Our team members hold a variety of individual cybersecurity certifications and Quantum Research International, Inc. is one of only five companies in the United States accredited under the National Security Cyber Assistance Program (NSCAP) for Vulnerability Assessments.

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Our History

For over two decades Quantum has been executing cybersecurity Operations that encompasses support to the largest and most sensitive networks in the world for various Government Agencies and across the multiple commercial sectors (e.g., Industrial Base, Medical, Infrastructure, etc.). In May 2015, we selected our top-tier cybersecurity analysts that had up to 17 years of cyber experience protecting U.S. Army networks throughout the world and organized Quantum's cybersecurity division.

Quantum continues to provide cybersecurity support to Federal Agencies, but the Team also applies the cyber “Best Practices” successfully implemented in support of the U.S. Army to commercial cybersecurity services. The cybersecurity services being provided to commercial sector includes: VA, PenTest, Network Compliance Assessments, Web and Applications Security, Cyber Training, Threat and Network Vulnerability Assessments, Incident Response, and Digital Forensic Analysis.

Our Customers

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